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Edge vs. Christian (2001)

The best of friends, yet the worst of enemies. Edge and Christian were one of the most dominant tag teams of all time and both men were individually exciting superstars.

Edge and Christian’s rivalry is one of the most fierce in WWE since both men were the best of friends. Edge and Christian would fool the WWE Universe, convincing everyone that they were brothers. But things took a turn for the worse in 2001, while WWE was battling with the WCW alliance, Edge and Christian appeared to be a stable tag team, at least until Christian betrayed Edge.

Both men would face each other for the Intercontinental title in 2001, at the pay-per-views No Mercy and Unforgiven. Edge and Christian were officially over in 2001. However, both men would meet time and time again as Edge and Christian would be heartful and hated enemies.

In 2009, after Christian returned from the WWE, both men met each other for the first time in many years but they were still not on the same page. One year later, after Christian was drafted to Smackdown and Edge was drafted to RAW, Edge and Christian began a rivalry of their own. Both men met each other in a one-on-one match on Monday Night RAW, which Edge won.

Christian would then start feuding with Matt Hardy and then Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown. After suffering an injury from Del Rio, Christian returned to aid his life long friend, Edge. Christian was a helpful friend when Edge was dealing with Alberto Del Rio. But then, suddenly, tragedy struck and Edge was forced to retire. Taking his place as World Heavyweight Champion was his best friend, Christian.

Months later, Christian would turn heel toward his peeps. And when he asked his best friend for help, Edge refused, stating Christian had become a “whining, moaning, little bitch!” Edge and Christian’s friendship and rivalry has and will never be the same again.

The Edge and Christian rivalry was born first out of jealousy, then it was out of anger. Either way Edge and Christian were more noted as tag team champions than as bitter rivals.

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